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  • Leuchtturm KABE Supplement Federal Republic of Germany 2021 (366551)

Leuchtturm KABE Supplement Federal Republic of Germany 2021 (366551)

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KABE Supplement Federal Republic of Germany 2021 Leuchtturm 366551 (4004117619366)

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Finish:Without SF-mounts KABE Illustrated album pages "Federal Republic of Germany" Bi-Collect This double album idea is a favourite amongst many long-standing collectors. For starters, this album is a fantastic help to build a collection. In our BI-Collect systems, mints and cancelled stamps can be presented beautifully on one page. KABE illustrated pages (size 275 x 310 mm) are printed on non-ageing wood and acid-free card (175 g/m 2 ) in high-resolution black and white offset print. Colour printing is consciously avoided. This allows you to immediately spot the missing stamps in your collection. SF protective covers are in sizes which match the stamps. They are made from clear, anti-glare polystyrene film, they are free from chemical softener and are glued to the card of the albums. The protective covers hold the stamps in place and prevent sticking. They also protect your collection from dust and moisture. The double linen hinge ensures optimal flattening and a long life for your illustrated pages. Some of the KABE illustrated album pages are also available without SF protective covers in a “regular” version. The individual characteristics of similar stamps which vary in e.g. colour, perforation or printing process are noted on the respective album sheets. This only applies to stamps with Michel (major) numbers and includes the year where required. At all times we aim for a pleasing and sophisticated presentation.

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